A sort of homecoming

Going back to Leicester is always a step back in time for me. Not so much because it reminds me of my childhood where I pass my old school, the pubs I used to illegally drink in and the roads I used to stagger home along. It is a step back in time because this place actually feels like it is 10 years behind the rest of the world.

Public transport is sparse and expensive, people still pay by cash which causes huge delays, the locals are suffering from skin conditions that I'm sure there are treatments for nowadays. I assume this is the main reason why so many of them choose to wear both a hat and a hoodie (or should that be "hoody"?)

Whenever I arrive at the new St Pancras International station I am in two minds about what ticket I buy. Leicester or Paris? Leicester or Paris? Having not brought my passport I decide on Leicester again. I spend the next hour near a couple of star reading, Carling drinking, indoor hat wearing loud tattooed ruffians who I assumed were on their way to the place I try to forget.

I got to my Mum's house and looked in the local paper to see that they have changed the route. I hear they have made it hillier than last year which I don't mind so much as I wasn't going for a fast time tomorrow. Unfortunately it does not go past my Mum's house and sticks to the north of Leicester, I think because the race is much bigger than it was and they needed the wider roads. I hope it does not take away some of the scenic parts of last years race which were quite nice. I also hope someone has cleaned the kebab that I almost slipped over on only 2 miles into the race last year.

As I sit here writing this I have discovered that the public transport in Leicester does not start till 10 which is not good for a 9.15 start. I reluctantly tried to book a taxi but none seem to be available. Looks like tomorrow will start with a 4 mile run to the start. Great.