Saturday 17th August 2019 - Start time 8am onwards, finish time 4pm (ish)

I like to run long distances in the countryside. I also like to loaf about drinking while chatting to other runners about race vests and calf sleeves. If only there was a way to combine the two….
— @ultrasmasher1979

Does this sound like something you might say? Then this could be the race for you.

The idea is simple, a 50k route over some lovely Bedfordshire countryside. Only instead of everyone starting at the same time, everyone finishes at the same time.

You will be given a start time based on how long you are expected to take.* Say for example you are a 6-hour 50k runner, you will start at 10am. One hour after the 7 hour runners and 1 hour before the 5 hour runners. You then make your way along the course and in theory you gain on those ahead of you while those behind will be catching.

Then, hopefully…… as you near the end of the course you will be in a proper race! In fact, if you are never near the front in a race then this is probably your best chance of ever winning!

What I hope will be the main selling point of this race is the opportunity to all head to the pub afterwards. I love long distance races, but everyone finishes hours apart and we often just go our seperate ways at the end. Hopefully this will be a bit different.


The Route

50k of mostly lovely footpaths around Bedford. You will be provided with a map but most of it will stick to well-signed well known footpaths such as the John Bunyan Trail, the Greensands Ridge Trail and Cycleway 51. In fact the last 10 miles are a straight line, perfect for when you are reeling in other runners!

Provision OS map provided below. I will provide a GPS file later

box end.png

The Venue

Box End Park. A fantastic venue just outside of Bedford. Popular for watersports and outdoor swimming it also hosts a number of running and triathlon events over the year. There will be parking as well as good toilet/shower/changing facilities. Camping is also available (book and pay separately)

Most importantly, it has a bar and a very nice restaurant. Since you should all arrive at about the same time it will be a great opportunity to be sociable.

take my money.jpg

Sign Up

Cost is £15 (Affiliated). This will include

  • Use of Box End facilities (shower/changing/parking/lounging on grass)

  • A printed map of the course

  • 2 Checkpoints with standard “Ultra Tapas” - Water, coke, crisps, sweets etc

  • Someone to tear his hair out figuring out what time you should start


Is there a cut off?

Hard to say! Since you will all be starting at different times it’s more likely that the faster runners will be behind schedule. Most of the slower runners should be through the first checkpoint before the fast ones have even started. The last Checkpoint (about 10 miles from the finish) ideally would be closing about 3

*How will you calculate my starting time?

Probably 43% your input and 57% my stalking you on power of 10/DUV Statistik. I will probably use any marathon times you have as the best guide but obviously it’s not going to be an exact science. I will start people at 15 minute intervals (so you will most likely start with a group)

Can I run with a friend who is a different start time to me

Yes you can but if you start earlier than your given time you will not be able to rank in the results. You’ll still get a finish but you can’t win!

Is there any compulsory kit?

Some means of carrying water. This race will be cup free so you will need bottles/cups/bladders to get you around

What noise should I make when I overtake someone?

I find a simple “Nnneeeeooooowwwwwwwww” suffices. But don’t be too cocky. You don’t want to revel in your own awesomeness and then take a wrong turn and have them slow clap you into the finish with a beer in their hand