Hello and welcome to my running site. I've been running for more than 10 years now and been banging on about it on this blog for just as long. 

I started running ultra marathons in 2007. Since then I have never looked back and completed some pretty cool events in a great variety of places such as deserts, mountains, forests and Milton Keynes. You can read all about these in my race reports section here.

Finishing the Spartathlon in 2010 - looking pretty stylish too

Finishing the Spartathlon in 2010 - looking pretty stylish too

In 2011 I did something exciting. Having taken voluntary redundancy at work I literally took the money an ran, across the USA, 3200 miles in 70 days. To say "That was pretty cool" would be an understatement, it was the best thing I ever did in my life (until then, I got married since).

I blogged about it quite a lot during the race and then wrote a book about all the adventures thus far which you can currently buy on kindle here and soon will be able to buy a proper book version with way less typos.

Since 2012 I think it's fair to say my running has become a bit shit. I have not run much epic stuff in the last two years and this is down to my own lack of mental and physical fitness. You can read about some terrible personal performances here in Barkley 2012 and Spartathlon 2013.

2014 was a wash out, I got injured and fatter and didn't do much of note. I am however optimistic about 2015. I have set myself some running goals for the year. 

Running Goals

  • Run a 3 hour marathon. Current PB is 3.07.xx and that was 7 years ago
  • Finish the Grand Union Canal Race in under 30 hours without crew
  • Finish the Vol State race - 500k unsupported across Tennessee (current record is over 100 hours - Something in the low 100s would be great)
  • A 100 mile PB - Currently around 19 hours

But other than that I have some wider goals in running too. I've been here now for a number of years and would really like to make running more of a vocation so I have set myself at least two goals.

Other Goal 1 - Organise two new races

I am currently co-race director of the Piece of String race. It was really just an idea of mine that a friend does all the actual organising for. I have some ideas for new races and think the world would be a better place if these events existed and so I have started to make these happen. The first will hopefully be in the Bedford area on the weekend of the 21/22nd March. Save the date!

Other Goal 2 - Become a credible running coach

Over the years I have given lots of advice on running ultras. I think it's good advice such as this article on surviving your first 50 miler or this list of tips. However the thought of "coaching" other runners terrifies me. I immediately default to a "I don't know shit" mentality.

But I am taking on a couple of little coaching projects this year, helping some work colleagues towards their first half marathon and also helping some others from scratch. I will get involved with my local running club more, do some coaching courses and who knows, one day I might feel able to coach someone to run 100s of miles.

In all honesty right now I feel a bit fraudulent as a possible coach as I have spent the last two years getting worse at running. I need to sort my training and nutrition out and get myself good again before I can go and tell others how to do it.

Are you still reading this? Blimey. Well done. Hope you enjoy reading all the stuff I'm going to write this year and hope to see you out there in 2015.