Marathon De Sables 2009 Registration - March 2007

Registration opens (and closes apparently) on March 5th for the Marathon De Sables in 2009.
I suspect the reason it is so popular nowadays is that some idiot son of some "rock legend" tried to run it a couple of years back and made a tv program about it. I read that he dropped out on the second day crying like a baby.
SO, do I part with a £500 non-returnable deposit to do a race in 2 years time? Whenever I have these moments on indecision I ask the 8 ball.
I shook it and ask "Should I apply for the MDS next week"
The word that appeared in the dark and mysterious centre of the ball was "Absolutely"
Guess its decided then...

You may think its silly, but I later asked the ball "Will we win the pub quiz tonight", it answered "Are you kidding?"

It was right. We were rubbish.