A long Weekend

The clocks go back this Sunday and this year it makes more difference to me than it ever has. It means I get an extra hour in bed from when I return home from Snowdon on Saturday night to when I have to get up at the crack of dawn sunday morning to travel to Crawley. As I start the 104 lap track race I'll be laughing to myself about my housemates getting confused about the Hollyoaks omnibus not starting on time.

I am still feeling a bit sore from m first road marathon in 6 months and probably have not appreciated the size of the task I've set myself this weekend. The Snowdon Marathon is on road and hilly, Crawley on Sunday is on  track and Dublin on Monday is road too. If these were muddy off-road affairs then I wouldn't be worried, but I might get hurt doing this.

The weather prediction for Snowdon is pretty dire. Wind, rain and "hill fog". I am going to be spending 20 hour on planes and trains in the next 3 days. Thats a whole 4 weeks worth of commuting.