Pyrrhic Victory

The past few weeks I've been getting all excited again about the canal. It is a very different feeling from last time, this is more expectation than anticipation. I don't for a second believe that it will be any easier next time round but I do feel I'll be better prepared for it. Still, with these races anything can happen.

I put the Thames Ring out of my mind for 2 reasons. One I thought it would be silly to attempt to run 260 miles at this stage of my life as it could finish me and two I didn't think it would actually happen. It most certainly is happening and DK has 59 "interested".

So the first reason should make it a no go anyway. The problem is that I will feel rotten knowing that this is going ahead and I am not there. It starts on a wednesday and could not imagine being at work and knowing some people are out there doing this. Entering this race will probably cause harm, not entering surely will. I have a lot to lose even if victorious, I have more to lose if I stay at home.

That it how it feels at the moment anyway.