I didn't look that bad..

I've just stumbled on this website while browsing through a huge number of posts for the GUCR 2009 on the runners world forum. It is from the TV company that were documenting the race. The photo of me with the headtorch was taken at Tring at 99 miles. I look quite good there (if I do say so myself) and was quite suprised to see it as I recalled feeling crap.


That was before my confusion as to where the 100 mile point was. I thought that was it but I was to later discover that it was a further mile down the canal. It was such a trivial thing but it sent me on a downward spiral that threatened to end my race.

I don't recall any photos or videos being taken at the 120 mile point but if there were they would make for an interesting comparison. Like those "before and after" photos you get of people addicted to heroin, you could have 2 photos and say "this is what running in the night through Hemel and Watford do to an otherwise healthy male".

Next time I'll remember, Tring is 99 miles. I'll write it down on my hand.