More trite from the BBC

Just saw this on the BBC that debunks common "myths" about health. Most of it seems fine however I do believe that there is a cure for a hangover and it is as simple as running a marathon.

Though this is probably never going to make it as a mainstream cure it has always worked for me. I've probably run about 6 marathons with some sort of sore head and by the end of them I have always felt fine.

On a more serious note I've just been made aware that Simon Singh is being sued by the British Chiropractic Association for writing an article where he suggests that there is no evidence that Chiropody helps cure things like depression, ear infections and betwetting.

Perhaps the BBC should target this type of pseudoscience? It is easy to spot whether something is likely to be scientific fact or a load of bollocks by the reactions of those who practice it. If you were to dispute the theory of evolution or plate techtonics you would be met with a sea of scientific evidence that would argue that you are wrong. You have the freedom to accept or reject any of this.

If however you were to dispute the claims made by chiropractitioners or scientologists you will not be rebuked with the same sea of evidence and facts but instead you'll be intimidated by lawyers and legal action.