GUCR 6 days to go - Awfully big in the window

Apollo 13 was on at the weekend. I tried not to watch it because I had work to do and I really liked the film. However I did see the part where they are headed back to Earth and they still don't know how exactly they are going to start the landing module up. At some point Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) calls mission control and asks for the sequence no matter what state it's in, saying "the world is getting awfully big in the window".

This is getting awfully big in the window. For so long it's been some silly thing that I had planned for some point in the future. Now it's so close that it's no longer a dot on the horizon but a huge mass slowly rotating in front of me.

It's been easy to talk about this and all the training I've been doing. Explaining that I'm doing marathons every weekend and lots of miles in between is part of a plan to finish this race. Now the training has been and gone I've got to move into "performance" mode. I need to think practically about how I will run this race.

My legs hurt. I know they don't really but I feel stabbing pains. My brain is trying to trick my body into giving in I think. Stupid brain.