2 days later

I'm recovering physically faster than I thought I would. I still have pain in the right shin and general stiffness but I can walk ok. I still have not slept a great deal but am feeling tired all the time. Not too focused at work (though thats not uncommon anyway) and I've had heartburn for 2 days.

Word of advice to anyone doing this. Take some time off work. Not for recovery but for reflection. I felt pretty miserable when I arrived at work this morning having experienced the weekend that I did. I guess not everyone finds their jobs as unsatisfying and unfulfilling as I do. My feet were to big to fit into my shoes and had to walk around the office in socks. Stange looks indeed but I enjoyed expaining why.

I sent a few emails around to thank those who may have not realised they helped. Harley Inder was always a welcome site dotted around the route. He ran it last year and helped me along, particularly at the 100 mile point where I started to fell the pain. Ryan Spencer on fetcheveryone.com produced a video on you tube which helped and we also exchanged emails. His advice and reassurance was very helpful before the race. I also contacted Mat Dowle who produced the video on the website. That video really pushed me into wanting to do this and then helped me though it. I hope I'll have a video a bit like that to show for this. I don't recall any footage taken of me when I was really low so it might give the wrong impression.