Thames Ring - 370 days to go

This time next year I'll be preparing for what I see as an insane task. Though somehow it does not seem as insane as the GUCR did this time last year. It's all relative. What might be tricky is running both the GUCR and the Ring. For that I'll need to be fully recovered from the 145 miles 5 weeks before if I have any chance of finishing it.

Or maybe not. I proved to myself that I can run 100 miles on tired legs, why not 260? There was a time when I wouldn't dare run 10 miles on tired legs. The legs lose their relative importance when you talk about distances like this.

A "rule of thumb" states that I should not enter another competitve race until October 18th. 1 day recovery per mile ran. Luckily I am not a thumb.