The worst things about being injured

Having not run for about 4 weeks now I've built up a catalogue of things that currently make me miserable. I forget sometimes that the amount of running I do is not so much a hobby but a lifestyle choice. So when I am not running my life is changed.

There are silver linings to be enjoyed by having more spare time, however these are drenched by the rain of misery of being inactive.

I have now "enjoyed" a few weekends of not having a race to travel to and run. All this free time would seem like a good opportunity to catch up on things (such as writing). However I just can't get off my arse and do anything. My Moose story is still only half done and others have not even started.

I had a bit more time to tidy up today and one of the things I tidied was my race inbox. I have a box for all my upcoming race numbers and maps etc. The most depressing thing I've had to do for a while was throw away running numbers that I am not going to use, such as the Nottingham and New Forest Marathons. I get quite excited by the running correspondance I get through the post, it is gutting to have to throw in in the bin rather than wear the number and then put it in my "out-box". I hate that my out-box right now is a black plastic bag.

Aside from that there are the usual woes that go with inactivity. I am putting on weight again. I probably eat more when I'm not running and most of it is shit. I've been drinking so much more as well. I feel so lethargic at work (well more than usual) because my journey involves a sweaty train rather than a run.

It's not only missing the races that hurts or even the money spent. I miss the social aspects of running, seeing friends and meeting new people as I always do in races. I was supposed to see my Dad and family last week but didn't as the thought of watching other people run makes me sad.

On the plus side I have found a few things to do in my time off. I've met friends and had many more hangovers. I've been reading about Austrian school economics, quantum physics and evolution. I've done at least some writing. 

The 2 things I am going to try and do differently in the future are;

1-   Remember how painful this experience was the next time I decided that stretching is a waste of time

2-   Ensure i have lots of stuff to be doing in the time I am injured so that I don't end up wasting the days as I have been.