No Restraint

Restraint? How do you do it?

I was woken up this morning at 6am by my phone alarm. Strange as I didn't set it for that time. Glowing on the screen was a reminder that I need to register for the UTMB today, or in the next couple of weeks. Full marks for being organised, though it cost me an hours sleep.

UTMB is regarded by many as the hardest 100 miler there is. 30000ft of ascent around the alps on barely runnable track. It is on the list for sure but it really does not fit in with everything I want to do next year.

I want to do Sparta again just because of the 2500 year thing. I will apply for Badwater just to give myself a chance. This is sandwiched right in between, 6 weeks after BW and 4 weeks before Sparta, not good timing at all.

So, while in the pub and being sensible as usual I spoke to a few others who were interested in this and decided to do one of the shorter races instead such as the CCC which is around 100k.

I logged on this morning and took a look at the races on offer and could not quite bring myself to register for one yet. Not to worry, plenty of time. I then saw facebook updates and got emails from others saying they had put their name in for the UTMB. I then had a look again at the website and could not resist, the process was so easy. Going to the website and signing up for a smaller race is like going to the pub and drinking lemonade, or going to a strip club and asking her to keep her knickers on. Just doesn't feel right.

So inevitably I signed up for the 100 miles. My qualifying races were already listed against my name for me to tick, it was a little too easy.

So Now I am faced with the prospect of 3 of the worlds toughest races in 3 months. Badwater in July, UTMB in August, Spartathlon in September. I know it's been done before.