Vegan Experiment - Day 1

At the end of the first day of not eating animals I actually feel a bit stuffed. I may have overdone it food wise today, Tofu and rice, Hummus and falafel wraps, lots of fruit juice and half a can of pringles. Not sure whether this will have the weight loss effect I was hoping for.

I have received mixed reactions from peope I've been speaking to about doing this. Mainly derision from people who know me and encouragement from those who don't. As I've mentioned before I am not completely clear as to why I am doing this, I just want to try something radical and see how it goes.

My decision to go completely vegan has been influenced by two things (at least). My inability to moderate and my desire to not cut down on my alcohol consumption. There are plenty more reasons that may fall out of my unconsious brain over the coming weeks.

I find it harder to moderate than I do to switch things off. I know that I could lose weight, get faster, run better etc by eating less of the things that are bad. This is something I can't really control though. I live in constant danger of thinking "one kebab won't hurt" and "well I'm out now I may as well have the biggest burger on the menu". I know that one will always lead to more. In this respect fast food for me is just like nicotene, trans-fats and reality TV; the only safe level of consumption is zero.

And I just don't want to give up alcohol or even cut down much. I love that I have the chance to drink and socialise so much. My alcohol consumption is probably higher than the 28 units suggested by whoever, maybe it's closer to 40. I wouldn't say it's out of control. I do like to get drunk and stupid.

So whenever I say what I am doing the two most common "Why don't you just" responses I get involve cutting down on the beer or moderating my food. "Why not be just a normal vegetarian?" Because I'll binge on cheese and eggs. There is a chance I may do the same with falafel and hummus.

And where is the experimental experience of moderating? Like saying "I won't bite my nails". I wouldn't expect any life changing experience from that.

I've just been assigned a mentor from the Society of Vegans which is quite exciting. They offer help to any new starters. I think the first questions I'm going to be asking are about beer.

Anyhoo, loads to write but no more time today. Us celery eaters need our sleep.