Do you ever just, like... "Go on holiday"?

OK I have long suffered the usual dumb questions that most runners get. Isn't running bad for your knees, Don't you get bored running, how many pairs of trainers do you buy etc etc. This one is popping up more and more. My out of office message usually contains some reference to where I am. I'm sorry I am out of the office and I can't add things up and put them into a pie chart for you right now as I am out running over the Alps/through the Sahara/Canadian Forests/Scottish highlands etc, please ask someone else to do it or wait till I get back. Thanks.

This time I'm going to say "If" I get back.

I can't remember the last time I just "went on holiday". All my holidays have involved going somewhere to run. I think about 3 years ago I went for a long weekend in Barcelona that did not involve any running or other runners though I did insist they came trekking over some of the trails with me.

I am at home packing away now. I imagine it is as exhilirating as packing for a normal holiday. How many bikinis? 4? 5? Must take 3/4 length shorts, half shorts, short shorts and even shorter ones. Lucky pants in case I pull, 6 pairs of shoes to cover every possible weather and social scenario and some perfume endorsed by some minor celebrity slapper and made in a sweatshop. This is how I imagine most suitcases are being packed in the UK right now.

My packing is not that different. 5 pairs of trainers (in case some melt). 1 pair oversize (in case my feet swell). A pair of sandals, 5 white running shirts, 3 pairs of white running shorts (in case I shit myself). A very expensive bottle of what is effectively seawater. 3 hats (they might blow away and I'm not running an inch further than neccessary). I will take sun cream though it will probably only go on my face, since most of my body will be covered.

The temperature is looking quite mild by DV standards. I was up to 50 a week ago but has relented somewhat. I hope it gets back to over 50 as I don't want to be accused of doing this on a "cool" year. The temperature in Las Vegas is nearly 40 degrees. I will spend 2 days there in the most disgusting city I have ever seen. At least I'll get a bit of practice of being hot and nausious.

I met Laurie of my support crew in London the other day. She seemed really nice and has crewed twice and Badwater before. Both finishers and both very different styles. The first she said was quite methodiacl, knowing excatly what he wanted and when. The second was a lady who they just had to keep on her feet and pointing forward. I suspect that I will be closer to the latter than the former. I can't imagine I will be that controlling. I said I'm not erally precious about what I eat and that I prefer "normal" food like crisps, nuts, McDonalds etc. It is likely that after a while I won't want to eat anything but I must, and they must force it into me.

My Crew consist of Bogie Dumitrescu, Debra Haaland, Laurie Woodrow and Debbie Jacobs-Robinson. Bogie is a friend of Adrian Belitu who I met in the Spartathlon and is doing Badwater again this year. Debra I found on the forums as I did Laurie. Debbie I have not heard so much about yet but she is coming along which is great and 4 people in 2 cars should be enough to kick me from Badwater into Lone Pine.

I get into Vegas on Thursday and then drive to Death Valley with my crew on saturday. Registration is on Sunday and then the race starts on Monday (8am there, 3pm here). Still not panicing but I guess that will start when I get to Vegas and it's 40 degrees. I will wilt in that temperature as I try to come to terms with needing to run in 10C higher.