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What is The World Relay?

The World Relay is a record breaking 28,000 mile continuous running relay around the world. It will be completed entirely on foot, fuelled only by positive energy, hope and enthusiasm.

5,000 runners will pass The World Relay baton through more than 30 countries and 6 continents, running day and night, over desert and mountain, come rain or shine.

The mission is to bring The World Relay baton home within 180 days.


The Real Relay reaches London



What The World Relay will achieve...

The World Relay will create a human chain around the world, uniting nations one step at a time. It will send a clear message to society demonstrating the power of international cooperation, a legacy that will long outlast the runners’ footprints.

By supporting The World Relay you’ll be part of the biggest mass participation running event ever staged! You’ll help raise vital funds for an international children’s charity and break 5 Guinness World Records whilst broadening your social network by connecting with runners across the globe. 

When is it?

The World Relay will start from London on 29th June 2013 and return 180 days later on Christmas Day. It will have travelled west to east across Europe, Asia, Australasia, North and South America and Africa. People will be able to follow The World Relay’s progress online in real time as it moves from country to country thanks to the baton’s inbuilt GPS device.


Building on past successes...

In May 2012, Endurancelife launched a groundbreaking event inviting grassroots runners to be part of a non-stop 8,000 mile relay around the British Isles. It was called The Real Relay. At the time, many said it just wasn’t possible. They were wrong! Eight weeks and more than 2,000 runners later, The Real Relay completed it’s incredible journey, finishing in London.  In fact, The Real Relay became so popular that stages sold-out in a matter of hours and it enjoyed widespread media attention on the BBC, ITV, Sky TV, Channel 5 and in numerous international newspapers. The event raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity.
The Real Relay
This extraordinary accomplishment galvanised individuals, brought communities together and proved to be the highlight of many people’s 2012, Britain’s greatest sporting year.



How will The World Relay happen?

Developing the successful approach employed by the Real Relay, the route for The World Relay will be broken down into stages of around 10 miles each. Some stages will be extra special in their uniqueness. These are our Epic stages and include major cities, world heritage sites, famous landmarks and extreme terrain.

Runners from around the globe will pay to sign up for a stage via The World Relay website. The website will be fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, creating an exciting community of runners from around the world.

Who can run...

You don’t have to be an Olympic medalist to take part. You don’t even have to be a seasoned runner. A limited number of group stages will be as short as 1 mile so that everyone, from your daughter to your grandpa, can get involved. 


Who we are...

We are Endurancelife. Endurancelife is a UK based lifestyle brand that has developed a reputation for hosting tough challenges in inspiring locations. It was founded in 2003 by friends with a shared passion for challenge, adventure and the natural world. The aim then, as it continues to be today, was to build a global team of open-minded sport enthusiasts who live to explore the extents of their physical capabilities, try new things, explore new places and inspire and encourage others to join in the fun.



What we’re seeking funding for....

We have calculated that it will require a budget of £50,000 to set The World Relay in motion.  We will use these funds to organise, co-ordinate and promote The World Relay, engaging communities across the globe. The budget includes web design, communication and translation costs, relay baton design with inbuilt GPS system and contributions to the basic living costs for our UK team.


  • Around the world in 180 days
  • 28,000 miles
  • 5 world records
  • Over 30 countries
  • 6 continents
  • Thousands of pounds raised for charity
  • 5,000 runners
  • 1 baton
  • 1 chance to make it happen