Three weeks to go...

 British Spartathlon Team


Apart from the 75 checkpoints well stocked with food, drink and human encouragement,

The police who hold back the rush hour traffic to let us run through,

The screaming kids outside schools and their homes,

The medical support, the massage, the helping hands,

The beautiful sunset on the olive scented roads,

The hot cup of coffee atop a cold harsh mountain,

That sweeping vista of miles behind you and miles in front,

The depth of the shared experience with your fellow competitor,

The camaraderie that transcends national boundaries,

The 100s of selfless volunteers who want nothing but to see you succeed,

The deafening sound of car horns and cheers as you enter the warrior city,

The street strewn with flags of all those who tried,

The foot that awaits all those who succeed,

The sip of the water, the weight of that trophy, the gentle placement of that wreath

And the greatest race on Earth.

What have the Spartans ever done for us?