I feel like I have just performed my first piece of internet trickery. What you see on the right is a "widget" for my justgiving page for the MDS. It wasn't difficult, I just copied and pasted some garbage into a box, cocked it up so did it again and then that thing on the right appeared. Looks nice though.

I've decided to use the Marathon Des Sables to raise some money for Barnardos. Aside from my obvious disgust of children being mistreated I think that kids being abused or neglected represents the ultimate waste of human potential, since these may have another 100 years to live.

Anyway, enough about that. Back to the running which I feel much more comfortable banging on about.

Anyone who runs a lot is subjected to the same barrage of inane questions, Isn't it bad for your knees? Do you have to eat special food? Have you run "The Marathon"? Another one to add to this list is "Do you run for charity?" My usual response is "no - I run for me". Now for six months I get a reprieve. When anyone asks that question now I can respond "well, as you mention it I am running for a charity, please donate some money".

That'll teach em.

Money Raising

With less than 6 months till the MDS I guess I should start thinking about raising money for a charity. It will have been 2 years since I last started to badger people for money and figure that as I've done about 84 races between the Death Valley Bike Ride and this I am entitled to beg for money again.

I am undecided as to who to raise money for. It's completely my own choice. I am leaning towards a particular childrens charity. I don't want to run for the charity associated with the MDS as I'm sure it's part of the money making scam they have going on.

My original plan was to get a gold bond place for the London Marathon and use that as an excuse to raise money, however I got a ballot place which pu a stop to that idea so now I actually have to choose. Damn it.

At least I'll get to send out a mass email telling people I might die.