Money Raising

With less than 6 months till the MDS I guess I should start thinking about raising money for a charity. It will have been 2 years since I last started to badger people for money and figure that as I've done about 84 races between the Death Valley Bike Ride and this I am entitled to beg for money again.

I am undecided as to who to raise money for. It's completely my own choice. I am leaning towards a particular childrens charity. I don't want to run for the charity associated with the MDS as I'm sure it's part of the money making scam they have going on.

My original plan was to get a gold bond place for the London Marathon and use that as an excuse to raise money, however I got a ballot place which pu a stop to that idea so now I actually have to choose. Damn it.

At least I'll get to send out a mass email telling people I might die.