If I owned a house I'd be remortgaging it right now

Apparently the hysterical mass media are going on about a phenomenon they call "the credit crunch". They say it is a contraction of the supply of credit which has an effect on individuals ability to borrow money and hence spend as well as businesses ability to borrow money and invest. All of this may result in reduced consumer spending leading to higher unemployment rates while inflation remains high due to higher fuel costs. People will have to tighten their belts as they may have to accept lower pay increases and higher costs of living.

As I yawned through yet more stories of how we are all going to be really poor pretty soon I spent my time more productively making a spreadsheet of my races for next year and their estimated costs. It comes to £11000. I have not even filled it yet.

Running isn't really that expensive, an obsesion with running is. £11k is a significant percentage of my disposable income but the time I spend doing the races is an even higher percentage of my disposable time. By some flawed logic I make that good value for money.

This is how it looks so far.

Date Race Distance Entered? Accomodation Travel Cost Others Notes Link
01/01/2009 Zurich NTD Marathon 26.2 Y N N £400 BC, SB

01/01/2009 Serpentine NYD 10k 6.22 N NA NA

04/01/2009 100 Club AGM 26.2 N N N £50

11/01/2009 Genk Marathon 26.2 Y Y Y £200 IS

17/01/2009 Thames Path Ultra 50 Y NA NA £75 IS
24/01/2009 Portland Marathon 26.2 N N N £100 IS
25/01/2009 Gloucester 50k 31 N N N £50

31/01/2008 Town2Tring 40 N Y NA £80 IS
01/02/2008 Tring2Town 40 N Y NA £80 IS
07/02/2009 GB Thames Trot 50 N NA N £75

08/02/2009 Devils Punchbowl 30 N NA N £50 RW
21/02/2008 Thames Meander 54 N NA NA £50

28/02/2009 Lanzarote

Training for MDS (via deliberate alcohol related dehydration)
08/03/2009 Duchy Marathon 26.2 N N N £100 IS

29/03/2009 Marathon De Sables 151 Y Y Y £3,000 NP
10/04/2009 N&D Marathon Night 26.2 N N N £50
Visit Home http://www.ambitionevents.com/nightday/
11/04/2009 N&D Marathon Day 26.2 N N N £50


26/04/2009 London Marathon 26.2 Y NA NA £50 IS, MB, SB

03/05/2009 Three Forts Marathon 26.2 N NA N £50 IS
04/05/2009 Belfast Marathon 26.2 N N N £200 IS
09/05/2009 Exmoor Marathon 26.2 N N N £100

10/05/2009 Halstead & Essex Marathon 26.2 N N N £50


23/05/2009 Grand Union Canal Race 145 N N N £300 MB?

13/06/2009 South Downs Marathon 26.2 N NA N £50

20/06/2009 The Picnic 26.2 N NA NA £50 RW
27/06/2008 RAW Scandinavia 122 N N N £1,000
Probably won't happen but looks amazing http://scandinavia.runacrosstheworld.com/

13/07/2009 Al Andalus Trail 150 N N N £1,000

19/07/2009 Fairlands Valley 26.2 N N N £50

25/07/2009 Davos 49 N N N £500 IS, OS Sub 8 easy http://www.swissalpine.ch/cms/overview.phtml
01/07/2009 ONER 78.6 N N N £200


09/08/2009 Salisbury Marathon 26.2 N N N £100

22/08/2009 Ridgeway Challenge 85 N N N

30/08/2009 Seaford Marathon 26.2 N N N

06/09/2009 Wolverhampton Marathon 26.2 N N N
GA Get Dad to run half

25/09/2009 Spartathlon 153 N N N £1,000
Sub 30 http://www.spartathlon.gr/main.html

14/10/2009 Leicester Marathon 26.2 N N N £50 GA See Mum http://www.leicestermarathon.org.uk