Has she won?

I was on the toilet yesterday (don’t worry I am not going into too much detail on that) when I used the last of the toilet roll. I washed my hands and went to exit the bathroom when I heard the inevitable voice grate right through me.

“Are you going to leave that empty roll there or are you going to replace it with a fresh one?”

I had no response, she was absolutely right and with a little me of a passive grunt I said “hmmmm” and then went through the labour of taking the toilet roll off, replacing it with a full one and then putting the empty roll into the recycling.

I then walked back into the kitchen and had a horrible realisation.

She’s not even here?

That was a voice inside my own head.

Her voice.

What the hell is happening?

Before we were married I bought the wife this lovely picture which I hoped would give her an idea of how much I was going to change after the wedding.

frog princess.jpg


I think she has won.