The Rules

Quite a lazy post here but just to answer a lot of the questions that I am getting that even I forget the answer to here are the "rules" of the race plus some notes from myself in [bold brackets]. I Have removed some of the articles that are not that interesting.


19 June to 27 August 2011 [Flights booked :)]


UltraRunning Association (URA) is organizing the « LA – NY FOOTRACE » which will take place from 19 June to 27 August, 2011 between Los Angeles and New York.  URA retains the right to modify these race rules and/or the itinerary in case of circumstances beyond its control: administrative problems, weather conditions or other risks.

The « LA – NY FOOTRACE » is a free style race, by stages, over a distance of approximately 3000 miles without a single day of rest on asphalt and in some cases gravel roads.  [that's right, not a single day of rest. Still I imagine that a rest day would end up doing more damage that good, sending my body into recovery mode and then being unable to run the following day. I expect the DOMS to kick in around Christmas]

Eligible to participate:  A person of any nationality, 18 years of age or older who meets the requirements of these race rules. [They are not that picky about who enters. Many ultras have race qualification criterea but with this one it seems to be that if you send in your entry you are automatically capable of doing this race. Interesting]

The night before departure there will be an information meeting.  The place, date and time of the meeting will be communicated at a later date.  All runners and followers (where applicable) MUST be present.  
At the meeting you will receive bibs with numbers and a road book with details of every stage of the race.
Departure: June 19 from LA (Huntington Beach or Santa Monica), California
Itinerary:  California – Arizona – Oklahoma – New Mexico – Missouri – Illinois – Indiana – Ohio – West Virginia - Pennsylvania – Maryland – Pennsylvania (one more time) - New Jersey – New York [yes thats THIRTEEN states]
Arrival in New York:  August 27

Possible after Flagstaff [I need a support crew for the first 2 weeks as I am running though the desert and have not sorted this out yet. Best get on the forums..]
In order to have as many participants as possible, we will accept runners without a support crew after Flagstaff; however, we make it clear to these participants that under no circumstance will the race organizers act as a support crew.  Runners without support crew are responsible for their own navigation with the road book and for their food.  The organizers will set up aid stations every 4 miles which will provide water, energy drinks and bars.  The organizers’ vehicle will go back and forth during the race carrying water but it will not make special trips for individual runners. [Checkpoints every 4 miles? I can handle that. It will be just like 21 Spartathlons]
Wherever possible we suggest that runners without a support crew group together in order to share a vehicle and a crew or stay close to someone who has a support crew in order to share a vehicle and the services of a crew.

A runner can be accompanied by one or several followers and by a vehicle for the entire race and on each stage.
If several runners wish to use the same crew (vehicle and follower) they can do so but it is entirely their responsibility and they must inform the organizers.
Each vehicle must be marked, in a way that is visible to all, with the number or numbers of the bibs worn by the runner or runners it is assisting.

At the end of each stage a ranking for the day and a general ranking (the total of previous stage results) will be available to all participants.
There will be one ranking: scratch, regardless of age. [Damn it. I was hoping to be on the podium for 27-32 year old male from Ealing]
There will be separate rankings for men and women
Cut-off time:  This equals the distance to be run multiplied by the average time of 5.7 KPH or 3.5 MPH. [That's not slow.... The cut off pace for the MDS is about 2mph, same for Badwater, GUCR is about 3mph, Spartathlon is about 4mph]
Each morning, before start, the cut-off time will be communicated to all participants. If a runner exceeds this time he/she will be disqualified.  The runner may continue to participate in the race but will not be ranked. [This may well happen. If it does I am going to try my best to complete the distance anyway. Crossing america will still be an awesome thing even if I do not get an official ranking]

URA will supply a set of personalized bibs to each runner for the entire race.  Bibs must be worn on the chest of each runner and be visible at all times.  If the bib is not visible at all times there will be a penalty.
Individual sponsoring: [I have yet to get any of this but if you have any ideas or contacts then let me know :)]
Runners may wear branded t-shirts, except on the chest (the space reserved for the bib), shorts, caps and water bags.
Note:  The organization reserves the right to prohibit any discriminatory or indecent markings.

URA will provide:
Basic breakfasts (only for each runner): tea, coffee, sugar, bread, jam.
At refuelling points:  water, energy drinks or Coca Cola, cereal and energy bars and salty crackers. [I wonder how many gallons of coke I will drink along the way? Someone remind me to take my toothbrush]

URA will not be responsible for the evening meals or sleeping accommodation. [this is quite key and will be the biggest expense]

For runners without a support crew (vehicle and follower), the organizers can reserve accommodation in the same hotel as the organizers, if there is availability for everybody. If the runners wish to stay in another hotel they must arrange their own transportation.

Baggage for runners without a support crew will be transported by the organizers each day from the start to the end of each stage.  The number of bags will be limited to 2 per runner.  This service will cost 100 US dollars per runner.  For each extra baggage the charge will be: US $400. [Glad I am not gluten intolorant. That would mean spending an extra $2400 on bag transportation]
Runners will be expected to carry their bags to the van every morning before the race begins and collect them from the van at the finish every day.

Laundry:  Some motels have washers and dryers.  The organizers will not be responsible for the laundry of the runners and support crews. [ahhhhh, the sweet aroma of an ultra runner]

All runners must be present at the starting point 25 minutes before the official departure time for the daily briefing and to sign the race sheet for the stage.

A vehicle belonging to the organizers will go back and forth during the race to ensure that everything is OK and that the race rules are respected. The people in these vehicles will be authorized to hand out penalties to runners. (See Annex later)

For any part of a stage run at night or if visibility is poor (fog, rain, etc.) runners must wear a head light and a fluorescent vest.
Runners must wear a belt with bottles or a water bag (minimum 1.5 litres) for the entire stage [hmmm, I did not really think about this so I guess I should get used to carrying my bottle belt]
Runners must maintain a minimum of US$10 on them throughout the race. [Oh I will be carrying more than that. Never know when you might see a McDonalds or Subway]
Runners must keep the daily race sheet with them at all times during the stage.
Runners must have a tent and sleeping bag because some stages may finish in a place without accommodation and camping will be necessary.
Runners must bring a bowl, plate, cup, knife, fork & spoon.  These will be used at breakfast and at dinner when we camp.
Runners and followers must adhere to the safety rules of the road and the laws in all the states crossed
A guarantee of US $200 will be paid by each runner at the meeting before departure (a receipt will be given).  This sum will be held to cover any expenses due to damage or fines incurred by the runner or follower(s) and the portion not used will be returned at the end of the race or the day the runner leaves the race.

1)    In case of withdrawal or elimination before 7 full days of the race, the runners cannot remain in the race and must make arrangements to travel to the city of their choice.  The organizers will not be responsible for managing their return or paying for it.
2)    After the 8th day of the race, runners who withdraw or are eliminated can, if they wish, run without a bib as long as they do not disturb other race participants.  The names of the runners who are no longer part of the race will not appear on any ranking.

Once the entire entry fee has been paid, no later than 3 months before the start date of the race (March 19, 2011), the organizers will send, by mail, a general road book with the number of stages, mileage for each stage and a list of the principal cities.  The detailed road book will be given to runners at the meeting on the eve of departure.
If necessary the itinerary may be modified one day to the next.  The organizers reserve to right to suspend the race for as little as a few miles or as much as one or more stages, for whatever reason, for example due to flood, fire, closed roads, etc.

It is strongly recommended that runners and followers take out insurance that will cover the cost of hospitalization and/or eventual repatriation to their home country.
Every runner and crew member is responsible for his/her own health.  The organizers will not be held responsible for any health problem that may arise.  A waiver of responsibility must be signed by each runner and crew member for their enrollment to be valid.

ARTICLE 18: ENTRY FEES (All prices are in US dollars)


The number of competitors in the race is limited to 30

·    Organization of the race
·    Reconnaissance of the route
·    A detailed road book
·    A set of bibs
·    Ranking
·    Timing
·    Briefing before departure with welcome drinks
·    A prize for all « finishers »
·    A diploma
·    A t-shirt for everyone at the start
·    A t-shirt at the end for all « finishers »
·    The evening to celebrate the end of the race and award prizes
·    Update of the race website
·    Basic breakfasts: tea coffee, bread and jam
·    Distribution during race of: water, energy drinks or Coca Cola, energy bar (power bar) and salted crackers        
·    One night in a hotel in New York (double occupancy rooms)

The participants of the race authorize UltraRunning Association, free of rights and without payment, to use their names and photos for its personal or commercial use.