I am in LA

Blimey this is a big place, it's going to take a whole day just to run out of it.

I have just woken up after a 10 hour sleep after a fairly painless flight from the UK. 10.5 hour on a plane is never pleasant but it was OK as I got to sit upstairs and near the window so had a fair bit of space. I got cramp on the plane though and came off feeling like all of my legs were not working. I was a bit dissappointed that we did not fly over the US much, when we went to Vegas the plane goes right through and I can see a lot of it. This time it was mostly through Canada until it swooped down through the NW states. Probably just as well I didn't look at it too much.

I didn't go into detail about the "purpose of your visit" thing when asked that several times by passport control.

It's 5am here, better get used to that, it's still dark and I am staring at where the sun should come up from but there is no sign of it yet. Not much yet to report other than the quite sickly feeling I am getting that this thing now feels like it's really going to happen.

Later today I will go to a race breifing at the Huntington Beach Hotel where we are all based and I will get to meet the other runners for the first time. Before that I am going shoe shopping for a couple more pairs of trainers.

Hopefully there will be a few drinkers in teh hotel bar tonight so that I can get to know the 16 other runners before we enter our different worlds on the same bit of highway.

Tomorrow I'll do a big shop to buy about a months worth of snacks and anything that I panic myself into buying.

I am also very pleased with this article in the Telegraph and thanks to Jol for arranging it. Hopefully I'll be able to update this every week.

Here is a list of what I have taken so far;

13 Pairs of pants

21 Pairs of Socks

22 short sleeved tops/vest (Inc 4 serpie ones and 1 fetch, most of the tops were given to me by Columbia)

6 paris of shorts

4 long sleeved tops

4 wind/shower proof jackets

waterproof trousers

3 sets of leggings

3 gloves

calf and quad compression guards

compression tights

15 state flags, 1 USA flag 1 UK flag

Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Mat

Weighing Scales

2 Small Camepacks, 1 large, 2 bottle belts

walking Poles (not for the race mind, to hobble about afterwards)

The Stick

Bowl, Cup, knife, fork, spoon

Antiseptic liquid

Sun Cream (must not forget to wear it)



2 sun hats, 3 buffs, 1 snood

High viz stuff and lights

Phone, US sim card and 5 phone batteries


2 pairs of shades and 1 pair of sand-goggles

8 tubes of 3B's lube

4 pairs of Newton running shoes, 1 pair of PT1000, I will but a couple of pairs of "safe" Brooks or Asics when I am out there

Elephant strength toe nail clippers and foot cheese grater