T Minus 1 - Last minute faffing

I have half mastered mind over matter. If I think about a part of my body it then really really hurts. I think about my foot and all of a sudden a throbbing pain covers the whole sole. I think about my knee and it cramps up and stiffens so I can barely move it. I think about my throat and then it seems to close off and choke me. I just need to be able to do all of this in reverse. In the meantime I will try not to think about my guts spilling out.

It's now 8pm, I start running in 9.5 hours. Laurie is here now and we have just crammed her car full of stuff that we have brought from Walmart and Costco. In addition to the food I have been given I have bought some protein in the form of a 2kg sack of whey protein and 16 large bags of beef jerky. I've also got energy drinks, sweets, sausages, nuts and some other bits I randomly put in the trolley that was the size of a skip.

I have just had my last meal. A steak with mashed potato and a couple of pints of IPA. The IPA was fizzy though, why does America have to make all beer fizzy?

Anyway not much more to say other than I am pretty nervious about tomorrow. I start at 1.30 UK time and hope to do the 45 miles in around 10 hours. The weather should not be too warm.

Now I am thinking about my bowels relaxing. Gotta go....