Day 69 - Washington to Orange - 47.4 miles - Calm before the storm

Day T minus 1

OK, not too much time for a blog today , I thought I would have lots of time but we have just had a long meeting about what might happen tomorrow regarding the hurricane Irene.

It’s due to hit late tomorrow, after we have run but there will be heavy rain perhaps spoiling our run. The problem is New York is closed, and Washington Bridge may be too.

It is possible that the bridge will be closed before noon in which case not many of the runners will make it across. In that even the race will end at the start of the bridge, in New Jersey. So I will have run the LANJ race. Does not sound quite as appealing.

The finish has been changed. Central Park is closed so we can not finish there nor can we do our staged finish. Instead we will finish on the 7th floor of the Novotel in times square, emerging from an elevator soaking wet. That is of course if we even get into New York.

Tomorrow was meant to be a nice stroll to glory but now it has become a headache. Damn nature interfering with our ultras.

Anyhoo, let’s hope this hurricane does not hit till later. I am not too worried about being indoors for all of Sunday.

Anyhoo, today was great. I felt quite relaxed when running the last few hills of the USA and in some busy roads. It was half nice half horrid but I enjoyed myself today and always thinking of “this time tomorrow” while doing it.

And then a great surprised, at around 16 miles Laurie popped out of some trees. She and Gemma had been plotting this for ages and it was a real shock to see her I could not think of anything to say but I had suncream in my eyes soon after as I thought about tomorrow. Laurie was here at the start and it will be so great to have her there at the finish too.

Patrick still struggled today but comfortably managed the cut off. His second place might be in jeopardy though as Italo today ran like Rainer and smashed the 47.4 miles in 7 hours and is now I think just 4 hours behind Patrick.

I can’t really think of anything else to say right now. I have an earlier start than expected so need to get to bed. But I need to get ready. No faffing tomorrow I have to get to that bridge before they may close it.