GUCR - 2 Days to go - Don't want to talk about it

Usually it's great when people at work are talking about you. In a good way of course. Because a big long stupid run is the norm for me at the weekend I don't really get too much airplay anymore over the usual conversation topics (The Apprentice, Prison Break, the air con being broken). My exposure has increased over the past few days as people recognise that this is a big big big long long long really really stupid run.

I am visibly nervous about it, my friends can see that. I'm trying not to get involved in too many conversations about it as for the first time I feel like I am actually doing something stupid. 3 marathons in 3 days is perfectly normal, this is wrong.

I had an email exchange from a guy who did this last year. Made me feel a bit better. He said there is no point starting this race unless you are determined to finish.

My approach before the race was very similar to his. longest run of 54 miles, no night running. I'm telling everyone I'm going for 36 hours. I really don't know though.

From 6pm tonight I will have less time between now and the race start than between the start and the finish. I plan to sleep twice in that time period.