GUCR - 1 day left

This is it I suppose. Ben collected my food and drugs stash last night to take up to Brum. Now I am at home packing my clothes. The waether forecast looks to be more rainy than it said earlier in the week. I've been advised to take lots of shoes. I'll have 3 pairs, that should be enough.

I woke up with the pain in my right shin. This doesn't seem to want to shift. It is real? 3 days is a long time for my mind to play tricks. I'm going to need it to be focused for the next 2 days.

I updated my facebook status to say I'll be running a mile for each friend (119 of them) and then a marathon on top just to finish it off. I'm getting quite a few good luck messages which is nice. I have not assigned a particular mile to each friend. Maybe I should? Spend 10 minutes thinking about each person before running a marathon. I don't know what I'm going to think about to get me through this. I'm sure I'll think of something.

I found a hammock while packing. That could be a sneaky way of having a sleep during the race.

I think I may be overdoing the eating part of my pre-race prep. I feel so full. I am forcing myself to eat, even though I don't feel hungry. I've got that strange loved-up sickly feeling. I've not felt that for years, and that wasn't because of a race.