Been a long time....

Crikey it has been a long time since I updated the Running Across America blog. What on earth have I been doing? Not a lot really. I wouldn't say I'm "training hard" to be ready for this race as I know I'll need to train when I get there.

I still have not finalised a crew. Laurie who led my support crew in Badwater has offered to help for the first 5 days which I am really excited about. She did a great job of kicking my arse to the end of Badwater and I am thrilled that she will be there again. I am still waiting on a couple of other options regarding help, then I might panic a bit and spam every message board with requests. Failing that I could just get a local hobo? You've seen Happy Gilmore right?

I will only have a crew for the first 2 weeks as per the rules. The remaining 8 I will be supported by the race. Most others will have their own support crews but I would rather do it alone.

In fact on the subject of doing it alone check out John Price's blog. He is about to finish a solo run across America, pushing all his stuff in a baby jogger. Awesome achievement.

Dean Karnazes yesterday finished the epic run too yesterday. He was raising awareness for health and activity for kids in the USA. A fantastic cause and an epic run, you'd expect nothing less from Dean.

A few race updates. I am expecting the road book shortly that will tell me where I'll be running exactly. The large USA map of my run is on display in my running club HQ since I did not have a wall big enough to put it. It's probably a good thing that I don't get to see it that often. 

Serge Girard; the creator of this race has managed to delegate some of the organisation so that he can run it himself. He is by far the most experienced of the field so I would expect him to do very well indeed.

My operation seems like it's long gone. I've been getting a few miles in here and there. A few 50k runs and a recent 55m run have given me more confidence that I am up to this. It was not an "ideal" situation with having to have a month off to have an op but then nothing about this race could ever be "ideal". 

I have not really sought sponsorship or anything. I sent a few speculative emails to some companies who's products I like but with no response. However I did get sent a load of really good T-shirts and vests and shorts from Columbia Sportswear. I do really like their stuff and I wore their tops in Badwater and was wearing Columbia shorts and shirt (yes shirt - I was told I looked very smart) in the Spartathlon. The stuff is really good quality and very lightweight so will be ideal for the race, partularly when it is hot. Thanks guys :)

In terms of training I am just trying to run every day, not very far really but at least 10 miles. I tend to just run from A to B to C rather than "go for a run". I intend to keep this going until I fly out. So far this year I have run 1200 miles which is a bit more than I normally would have done hitherto but that is less than a months worth while I'm out there..

I still have not even decided which shoes to take, let alone how many. I've been trying some out but I have realised that I am a bit of a shoe whore and will stick my feet in anything so long as it's in the sales. 

Not entirely sure yet on a hydration system. A bottle belt or a rucksack? The rules state that I need to carry 1.5l with me at all times. Luckily I have tested a few things so will maybe take some different systems and change it about a bit.

I have a USA Sim Card (Thanks Tim :) ) This means I can facebook away while running. I shall be taking my netbook with me too and do as much blogging and photo uploading as I can. And Skypeing Gemma (if it's still called Skype by then).

I have bought a flag of each of the States I will run through. I did not realise they were all so big (3ft by 5ft). It would be good to get some photos of me with the flag in each state. Great card from

The list of stuff I will take will be immense but it needs to fit into 2 bags for transportation. Within those bags will be the stick (for massaging myself at the end of each day), compression gear for recovery, minimal shoes (I find they are good for walking around in after a long run and get the blood flowing) and lots of other stuff.

I have not decided on how I am going to eat my way through this. Luckily I am also a food whore, I'll put anything down my throat so long as there are calories in it. The road book I hope will reveal just what I can expect. I should not have too much of a problem with alcohol. American beer is practically water anyway :)

Other than that I can think of no other burning issues. Except whether to shave or not to shave?

Anyway that's all for now. I have just recieved Marshal Ulrich's book about his crossing. Expect a rave review here soon.