A week till I fly out

Well it seems that I have nothing left to distract me from the fact that I have quite a big job to do this summer. There is nothing left for me to do other than figure out how I am going to run from one side of the USA to the other. And I am running out of time.

Some updates. Firstly Mark Cockbain has had to withdraw due to injury which is really gutting. He was the one who told me about this race in the first place and was more up for it than I was. It's a real shame that he won't be there now. Looks like I'll be flying the flag alone.

I have a crew for the early stages, Laurie, Debs and Dave the same people who supported me through Badwater. It's really good to have then on board and I know they are going to be brilliant. I'll just have to make sure I don't shout at the wrong crew this time..

There is a WEBSITE. This will be updated daily with how the runners are doing and should have photos and where we are. I'll still be blogging like a bastard though.

I am informed that the $5 Subway for July is Italian. I hope that's the same as the Italian BMT over here, my favourite subway.

There is also a book on various things that might happen out there on James Edgar's blog.

I am finallising some details now. Got my Travel Insurance (had to get it seperately as this trip is more than 45 days), got visa thing, trying to get phone to work and have booked another bag on the plane. All fairly boring except that it is really bringing home just how close this is getting now.

And this will be the longest I've ever been out of the country. I can't recall even being abroad for more than 10 days. 

As it draws closer and closer I think more about the days I have where I don't have to run. I try to run everyday but I am running out of days where I can just get up and do what I want. 

I am still packing kit. Right now it just consists of having a big bag where I'm going through my stuff and saying "might need that" as I toss it in. I think most of it is there now but need to make a list to check.

I have just had 3 pairs of Newtons delivered, I love these things and they gave me a great discount to support me for the race. 

I am also going to get some Elete water sent to me in LA courtesy of Elete. I used it in Badwater and found it to be really good. Not sure how much I'll end up needing but just sent them an email to say I'll probably drink 400-800 litres while I am out there. Gulp.

Here is a really detailed route book of the whole thing. Here is a shortened Media Guide with the general jist of it all. 

There are a few things I still need to do. I need to write down for my crew exactly what I want a day to look like. I will try to get up as near to the start as possible and have my coffee/breakfast in the first few miles. Not sure yet how often I'll want my crew to hand out water (I need to carry 1.5l anyway) as I am not really sure how hot it is yet. Towards the end of each day I need to slow down and eat again. 

The most important thing in the first few weeks is avoiding injury.

I also need to make a shopping list for when I get to LA. I'll probably buy my weight in protien powder, beef jerky and milkshake.

I just got an email from Virgin to tell me I should check in.